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September 22, 2023


April 10, 2024

Welcome to the Community Examples page for the quarto-webr extension. This section celebrates the diverse and innovative ways that members of our community are harnessing the power of the quarto-webr extension. These examples showcase real-world use cases, highlighting the extension’s adaptability and functionality across various fields. You may also find references to examples from the main webR project here as well.

Explore the projects, applications, educational materials, and more created by fellow users. Gain inspiration from the community’s contributions and discover how you can leverage the full potential of quarto-webr in your own work. Whether your interests lie in data analysis, interactive reports, or educational resources, you’ll find valuable insights and ideas within the community’s projects.

Do you have your own project or example that incorporates quarto-webr? We invite you to contribute to this growing collection of community-driven projects by submitting a pull request or creating an issue. Your experiences and creativity can inspire others and promote collaboration within our community. Together, we can continue to expand the possibilities of quarto-webr.


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