Code Cell Options

Supported Cell Options in {webr-r} Blocks


January 30, 2024


July 1, 2024

This article provides an in-depth overview of cell options supported in {webr-r} code blocks. These options play a crucial role in influencing the execution and output of executable code blocks. It’s important to note that these cell options are specified within comments at the top of a code block by using a hashpipe #| option: value.

Here’s an example of how you can use these options:

#| results: 'asis'
#| fig-width: 5

# R code here

In this example, the cell options results is set to 'asis', and fig-width is set to 5 inches.

These options can be customized to tailor the behavior of the code block based on your specific requirements. Understanding and using these options effectively can enhance the overall control and presentation of your code outputs.


The {quarto-webr} extension does not support all of the cell options from Quarto or Knitr. Please consult the tables below for details on what is available.



Options listed here are unique to the {quarto-webr} extension and do not have a Quarto equivalent.

Run Options

Option Default Value Description
context interactive Describe how the cell should operate on the page through either interactive (Runnable code editor), output (Output only of executed at runtime), or setup (execute code without seeing output at runtime).
autorun false Allow interactive cells to be run during document initialization without a user pressing run code.

For details regarding run options, please see Hiding and Executing Code.

Monaco Editor Options

Option Default Value Description
read-only false Prevent code in interactive cells from being modified by disallowing code input.
editor-max-height 0 Set a threshold to prevent infinite growth of the editor window.
editor-quick-suggestions false Show a list of autocomplete variables and/or functions based on what was typed.
editor-font-scale 1 Modify the size of code cell and output relative to the page font size. Values less than 1 shrink the text size and values greater than 1 increase the text size.
editor-word-wrap true Allow long lines to be wrapped to avoid code going off the screen causing a scroll bar to appear.


Option Default Value Description
label '' Unique label for code cell. Useful for debugging.
classes '' Classes to apply to cell container

Cell Output

Option Default Value Description
results markup Controls how to display the text results through either: markup (Mark up text output with appropriate environments), asis (Write text output as-is, raw text results directly into the output document), or hide (Hide text output).
output true Controls inclusion of results: true (all results), false (no results), or 'asis' (output as-is, raw text results directly into the output document).
warning true Preserve standard error output (warning(), message(), or stop()) in the output.
message true See prior entry.

At the present time, we cannot differentiate between the type of condition being sent to standard error. Thus, if either warning or message is set to false, the output for both will be surpressed.


Option Default Value Description
fig-cap "" Figure caption that should appear under the canvas
dpi 72 Dots per inch to use in calculating pixel values for fig-height and fig-width, e.g. dpi * inches = pixels.
fig-width 7 Width of the plot (in inches)
fig-height 5 Height of the plot (in inches)
out-width 700px Width of the plot in the output document, which can be different from its physical fig-width such as "100%" or "250px".
out-height "" Height of the plot in the output document, similar to out-width.

This Quarto extension is open source software and is not affiliated with Posit, Quarto, or webR. The extension is at best a community effort to simplify the integration of webR inside of Quarto generated documents.