Demo: Revamped Noninteractive Areas


We’ve slowed down each cell’s execution time by about 1/2 of a second to show how the document is responding.

Package dependencies

The quarto-webr extension is set to automatically install and load the ggplot2 and dplyr packages by specifying a packages key in the document’s header.

Setup a hidden ggplot2 object

From there, we’re going to use the context: setup hidden cell to create a ggplot2 object that uses the mtcars data set with the aesthetic mappings of x = wt and y = mpg called g.

Generate a graph

Let’s move from setup to generating and displaying results by using g object created in setup within an output context:

Re-use prior graph object

Let’s also re-use the base g but change the aesthetics so that colour is now present.

Work with a hidden setup object

Finally, let’s make sure we can do some interesting things with the interactive session.


Changes inside of interactive cells do not propagate backwards in the document.